PavePad® paving support for flat roof-terraces and balconies. System for support and levelling of slabs or timber deck surfaces.

Poisenes? We don’t uset hat here!

PEHD is a strong and durable material. PEHD is 100 % sustainable and non-toxic, even the fumes are harmles in case of a fire. An endless re-cycle material…

Recycle Product


Frostproof -50* + 100*


100% free of pvc and toxins!


Doesn’t get porous or crackings like basic PP plastics


Tolerates cutting, grinding or even screws


Life expectancy exceeds the surroundings


Load capacity of 1200 kg’s per PavePad unit


A quality product Made In Denmark


The best product, the best technical solution, combined with recycling (CSR) That is what we call our vision and environmental responsibility

  • PEDH products are resistant to most chemicals and anti-corrosions.

  • PEHD is extremely resilient either it is UV, vibrations or used with automotive vehicles.

  • PEHD doesen’t start to crack or get porous like basic PP plastics.
  • Made to tolerate the Nordic climate with large diversion between heat and cold.

  • Longterm frost and changing humidity takes a product to its limits. A product made to withstand Danish weather is for that reason a quality symbol for the rest of the world. We don’t hesitate to say, that the product will exceed its surroundings in life expectancy.

  • Made in Denmark in this context means that our competition is a time age behind!
  • We produce out of re-cycling material, on state of the art machinery, without waste. The produktionenergy we use for heating – that is what we call common sense!

  • So, Dear Architect, dear customer – help us provide the building sector with intelligent and sustainable solutions!

Production and recycling

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