Below you will find paving spacers in the PaveSystems®-series


We have the pleasure of presenting the Worlds probably largest program of frosproof spacers for paving, called PaveSystem! With a spacer out of the material polyethylene, you are able to protect your paving against movement and broken corners. They prolong the life expectancy of the pavement and thereby your investment. It is most regrettable to watch ones concrete, brick, marble, sandstone or granite etc. tiles broken after short time due to heavy traffic or maneuvering.

A paving job done with spacers will significantly improve the strength of the area and lock it into a more permanent position. So, if you want an identical and professional result with a high level of quality, don’t forget the correct spacers out of PEHD and leave the poorly made copy products of other materials. The spacers we provide will outlive its surroundings and can be re-cycled – they don’t break and they don’t get porous or cracking over time.

In the left column the type and the height of the spacer is shown, in the middle you can see the size of the gap. The paving ”fashion” changes from time to time, so you can change between narrow gaps and wide gaps or even drainage gaps.